Herding Cats – Reality Internet:

See If 5 Transit Organizations

Can Work Together Cooperatively


On Saturday, September 10th, I sent out five of the sixteen Cornwells Heights Press Kits to the heads of the following five transit organizations:


Amtrak, SEPTA, PennDOT, New Jersey Transit, and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (henceforth DVRPC)


Please note that by clicking on each of the first four organization names above, you may see the cover letter I sent along with the Press Kit.  Not being quite sure who, specifically, needs to be targeted directly in DVRPC, that link just goes to their home page for now.  DVRPC did receive a Press Kit, too.


Having now simultaneously made public my petitions to each of these agencies, I propose to keep the www.savecornwellsheights.com viewing public informed as to their progress in coming up with a reasonable and acceptable solution for the dual problems now faced by Cornwells Heights commuters: No Trains (if Amtrak quits as planned) and No Food (if Amtrak takes $3330 or so more out of our pockets each year as planned).


This basically amounts to a way of herding cats, so to speak, which critters would ordinarily wander about independently and sphinx-like with very little net forward motion.  We’ll see how it goes.