Cornwells Heights Service Information


Weekday Morning Trains To New York


Cornwells                                 Travel

 Heights   Trenton   Newark   New York     Time Train # Fare

  6:15      6:27      6:58      7:17      62 min.  630  $37

  7:38      ----      8:24      8:43      65 min.  180__$49 


Weekday Afternoon Trains From New York

                              Cornwells   Travel

New York   Newark    Trenton   Heights     Time Train # Fare

  5:39      5:56      ----      6:38      59 min.  193  $49

  6:30      6:47      7:21      7:32      62 min.  655  $49




The fares listed above are for undiscounted one-way travel between Cornwells Heights and either Newark Penn Station (with available PATH trains to lower Manhattan) or New York Penn Station at 33rd Street and 8th Avenue (below Madison Square Garden).  The fare from here to Trenton is $23, and from Trenton to here is $30.  Various discounts are available with advance purchase.


Monthly passes (unlimited rides) are $698 to Newark and $719 to New York.  Pass prices are expected to increase approximately 20% in February, 2006.




Since no Amtrak ticket agent is available at Cornwells Heights, you may board any Amtrak train stopping at this station without a reservation and purchase your one-way ticket on the train.  Return trip one-way tickets cannot be purchased aboard trains, but may generally be purchased on the day of travel at the station you may be returning from.


Other Destinations


Train 655 proceeds to Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station and Harrisburg with intermediate stops.  Train 193 similarly proceeds to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington.  Train 630 originates in Harrisburg.  Train 180 originates in Washington.  All other Amtrak trip destinations may be reached by connection.




The most current train schedules, fares, and general information are always available online at or by toll-free phone call at 1-800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245).  Up-to-the-minute train arrival/departure/delay status for trains is also available at 1-800-USA-RAIL.  Printed schedule information is generally available upon request at the SEPTA ticket agent’s window on the southbound platform (mornings only).


Information, schedules, and fares current as of 12/8/05.  Subject to change without notice.