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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


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Amtrak to Hike Cornwells Heights Monthly Pass Cost 57%


Amtrak announced yesterday that it would increase the cost of a monthly pass from Cornwells Heights to New York City from its present $555 to approximately $712 as of October 16th, and $870 as of February (most likely February 16th, but possibly earlier).  The ultimate rise to $870 will mean an extra annual outlay of $3780 per Cornwells Heights commuter using a monthly pass.  Another reprieve from the hikes, in the short term, may not be likely.


How You Can Protect Yourself From the Increase


Amtrak allows monthly passes to be purchased for up to 11 months in advance at current rates.  Therefore, up until October 16th, it should be possible to make advance purchases of all monthly passes needed for commuting through September, 2006.  The cost of buying 10 extra passes next month, in addition to the November pass, would be $5,550.  Monthly passes purchased but not used may be turned back in before the month in which they were to be used, and Amtrak refunds 90% of the purchase price under such circumstances.


What About Next Year?


Trenton commuters can still get monthly New Jersey Transit passes for $320.  A monthly Amtrak pass for the 104 miles of commute from Philadelphia to Harrisburg is currently $299, and will likely rise to only $469.  Commuters using New Jersey Transit trains to commute from little Campbell Hall in upstate New York, almost the same distance as our commute, pay $279.  Cornwells Heights, at $870, and Philadelphia itself, are in an odd commuting fare warp zone.  It is possible that the warp can be corrected within the next year with continued political effort.


More News And Commentary To Come…


There is much more that can and should be said about the impending Amtrak fare hike and the bizarre fare warp zone being experienced by New York City commuters south of the Delaware River.  More will be written here soon.


– Rick