Save Cornwells Heights Archives


10/28/2006 archive link – The first anniversary of "the train that was never coming back"; a CWH wedding wish

10/18/2006 archive link – Fall schedule change; House of Representatives proposing to renew "commuter-killer law"

8/28/2006 archive link – See; the Amtrak "Who Needs To Go To College?" Calculator

7/4/2006 archive link – Cornwells Heights Declaration of Independence; Jefferson, Adams, & America’s first railroad

5/29/2006 archive link – Memorial Day, the 30th Street Station Angel of Resurrection and the missing man

5/26/2006 archive link – NE Corridor shutdown explained; the cost of rail; June 1st CWH-to-NYP “protest ride”

5/12/2006 archive link – CWH blogged by Senate candidate Pennacchio’s campaign; June 1st ride coming up

4/16/2006 archive link – for Easter, the story of Saint Katharine Drexel at Cornwells Heights

4/7/2006 archive link – landing on Homeland Security’s radar; “buying” senators for $1.10 to $3.40

4/3/2006 archive link – Northeast Corridor commuter cause “torch” rides scheduled for August 23rd through 30th

3/29/2006 archive link – a last-minute price break and call for riders; Amtrak’s post-3/1/06 lost NE Corridor funding

2/13/2006 archive link – final request to Amtrak’s acting president to stop the fare increase

2/9/2006 archive link – bracing for the February 16th fare increase, Rick’s Amtrak Board of Directors bid

1/8/2006 archive link – fighting the February fare increase by going to the Board of Directors

12/8/2005 archive link – station name change inquiries, fighting the fare increase, DVARP, Trenton’s getting full

10/26/2005 archive link – the 10/31 schedule, Trenton connection options, a farewell to Clockers

10/14/2005 archive link – newer anticipated 10/31 schedule, last chance for “cheap” monthly tickets

10/5/2005 archive link – anticipated schedule as of 10/31 according to Amtrak brass

9/28/2005 archive link – 57% fare hike back on, buying monthlies in advance guards against increase

9/20/2005 archive link – a note for Philadelphia Inquirer readers in response to the paper’s 9/20 article

9/18/2005 archive link – the story of The City of New Orleans

9/16/2005 archive link – post-Washington-trip news, station saved, fare hike postponed, Amtrak truce, credits

9/14/2005 archive link – pre-Washington-trip news, Acela research

9/13/2005 archive linkprogress report plus an all new government pen pal list

9/12/2005 archive link – full Cornwells Heights “Press Kit” online, the problem of Amtrak’s planned fare hike

9/11/2005 archive link – some non-train thoughts on 9/11, the Hurricane, and an old anthem

9/9/2005 archive link – some notes on the demographics of NYC commuting

9/8/2005 archive link – how 4 uncoordinated transit organizations dropped Cornwells Heights off everyone’s radar

9/6/2005 archive link – some talking points added

9/5/2005 archive link – an invective-free Labor Day tribute to an old railroad man

9/1/2005 archive link – welcoming the Bucks County TMA, cooling down the Trenton rhetoric

8/31/2005 archive link – going public with a response to an Amtrak quote in the Bucks County Courier Times

8/30/2005 archive link – the third edition, a ghost train, a saint, and 8,000 miles of Trenton

8/29/2005 archive link – the second edition, report on weekend progress, Katrina hitting land mutes the tone

8/26/2005 archive link – the first day of site operation, includes reasons for keeping the Amtrak stop