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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


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Today’s News


Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick will be meeting with Amtrak’s President and CEO, Mr. David Gunn, at the congressman’s office in Washington on Thursday morning.  I have been invited to attend as well, and hope to lend whatever support I can to the arguments for preserving good New York commuting at the Cornwells Heights station.  To me, that means basically three things: 1) Keeping Amtrak, 2) Restoring the schedule at least to its pre-April-service-cutback level, including an approximately 6 a.m. train to NYC, and 3) Keeping the fare both affordable and competitive with Trenton’s NJT monthly pass rates.  If we are going to get to keep our station, we’ll need to make sure we keep our riders, too.


Yesterday, Senator Arlen Specter sent a message of concern to David Gunn as well, mentioning not only the issue of Cornwells Heights closure, but also the general problem of losing Clocker service for Philadelphia and losing Pennsylvania jobs.  I have received a copy of the note of concern and support and will post it on this website later today if cleared to do so by Senator Specter’s office.


New e-mail links for firing off your views to politicians, transit leaders, and the press are now available through the “Fire and Motion” link on this page.  The more they hear from us, the better.


It’s been a good 24 hours, and I believe there is cause for cautious optimism that things may start to work out better for us now.


– Rick